Our Program

Yoga for Recovery

At Villa Kali Ma, we offer a truly empowering program of ancient spiritual principles and practices which have been proven to be powerful tools for healing and transformation for thousands of years. Our goal is to guide women in the process of recovery and help them develop a strong foundation on which to build a new way of life.  Women will learn scientifically proven practices and techniques to help them overcome addiction, low self-esteem, anxiety, compulsive thinking, co-dependency, and other spiritual maladies.  They will learn how to break free from ways of thinking that have kept them stuck in miserable situations. 


This program is open to adult women of all ages, races, faiths and cultures.  Yoga and its principals can be used in conjunction with any spiritual beliefs and religions.


"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."                                                                                                    ~Buddha

Studies have shown that the spiritual practices of yoga, meditation, deep relaxation and controlled breathing exercises can increase the effectiveness of drug and alcohol treatment programs by helping us to connect to a power greater than ourselves.  The following is a list of the proven benefits of these techniques:

Reduces feelings of depression
Calms feelings of anxiety
Reduces stress and tension
Develops greater self-awareness
Calms compulsive thinking
Improves self esteem and sense of wellbeing
Promotes better sleep habits
Improves mental function, including memory and cognitive function
Regulates endocrine, nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems
Boosts immune system
Improves organ function
Supports healthy digestive system
Healthier heart and blood vessels
Increases strength, firms and tones muscles
Improves posture

recovery for women

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience."                                   ~Teilhard De Chardin

At Villa Kali Ma, you will be supported by a team of teachers who have been where you are and have transformed their lives.  Teachers will lead daily practices of meditation and Asana (physical yoga exercises), which will be modified to each person’s fitness level and ability. Pranayama, a yoga breathing exercise, calms the mind to create space for spiritual experience and will be part of our daily practice as well.  This is a nurturing and healing program of spiritual growth where you will be shown the pathway to self-realization and learn to truly love and value yourself.  If you come with willingness and an open mind, this can be an amazing transformational experience.

Sober Living for Women