Breathe, Live, Love, Move, Eat, Grow, Learn, Let Go, and Transform!


Erica Winterhaler, Ph.D.
Self-Love & Spirit Medicine

I serve as a guide, teacher and example, uplifting others to practice Self-Love and plug back into the natural rhythm of Spirit to heal, embody all that they are and live true. It is my passion to help others stop running from themselves, redirecting them into loving intimate union with themselves. My heart-centered approach is empowered by extensive training in metaphysics, yoga and the use of essential oils and herbal medicine to stimulate each being’s natural healing capabilities. Guiding one through long-held energetic patterns of trauma, addiction and self-limiting beliefs, I assist one’s being in gently releasing dis-ease and suffering. The result is freedom from fear and radical Self-empowerment, creating a change in one’s perception and experience of life.

Restoring our connection to the natural world and its ways inspires all that I do.
I honor Cosmic Creation as my teacher and guide and open my heart wide each day to embrace the magical expression of all that is.

I earned my doctoral degree in Metaphysics and I am certified as a Spiritual Counselor and Metaphysical Holistic Life Coach. I am certified in Breathwork, Hypnosis Therapy, Emotional Release Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Raindrop Therapy, Reiki and Hatha & Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.


Sonya Goodwin
CrainioSacral & Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy caught my interest after college when I researched its positive effects: alleviating depressive symptoms, reducing stress, enhancing attentiveness, reducing pain, and improving immune function.  I moved to Colorado and studied massage and neuromuscular therapy.  For over 16 years, I have loved helping others experience such benefits through massage and other beautiful modalities that have crossed my path.  In 2000 I was  introduced to craniosacral therapy during a workshop and I was fascinated by this form of working with the nervous system that was not yet well known.  Four years later I began receiving sessions when I was pregnant with my daughter and I was amazed by it’s gentle, and yet deeply powerful effects.  Never before had I experienced bodywork so profound and I knew this was a modality I wanted to study extensively. I enrolled in a 2 year Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy program where I healed, processed, and learned about the physiological and somato-emotional intricacies of the craniosacral system and how it relates to our whole being.  I have worked at several centers for health and wellbeing, spas including The Four Seasons, and The Chopra Center where I was trained in Ayurvedic treatments and meditation, but I found that I best use my gifts working in a treatment center where clients are wanting to shift and transform their lives.  I provided craniosacral therapy and massage at Casa Palmera Treatment Center to over a thousand patients confronting addiction, trauma, eating disorders, anxiety, and/or depression.  I love witnessing others’ capacity to heal and I am excited to be a part of the team at Villa Kali Ma.


Kenlyn Colleen
KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Supporting women in their healing, empowerment and emergence is what I am here to do. My life changed when I turned 50 and wrote my first book called The Art of Turning 50: A Woman’s Guide to Initiating Herself into Her Most Radiant and Authentic Life. Something came alive in me and all my previous experiences as an attorney, film maker, child and animal advocate, entrepreneur, and spiritual seeker came together. In 2013 after my soul dog left her body, I traveled to India to complete my Kundalini Yoga teacher training. It was magnificent! Since then, I’ve taught on a military base, in yoga studios, and in private groups and retreats. I’m happy to teach Kundalini Yoga to Villa Kali Ma. In addition, I work one-on-one and in groups with women who want to awaken to who they really and heal lifetimes of persecution, fear, and abandonment so that they are supported to do what what they have come here to do. For more information on me or my offerings, please see


Elli Ho
Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Natural Foods Chef, Ho’oponopono Practitioner

Due to my own “dark night of the soul” experience, I awoke to something deeper, not based in the concepts of the mind. I experienced an emotional and psychological death so profound that for 2 weeks I felt as if I was not on earth. In the words of author Eckhart Tolle, this is the space in which “Nothing makes sense anymore, there’s no purpose to anything… and the meaning that you had given your life, your activities, your achievements, where you are going, what is considered important, for some reason collapses.”
I know the emotional, psychological and physical pain patterns that underlie addictive behaviors and the desire to escape reality. I know the roller coaster of hope and failure, the feeling of life being sucked right out of you, guilt, fear and meaninglessness. But most importantly, beyond these patterns, I know that “impossible” truly means, I’m possible.

And yes, I am in deep gratitude for this incredible journey, as it continues to unfold. I have dedicated my life to unconditional love, and to sharing powerful practical tools like Ho’oponopono, to awaken the true radiance that is the Essence of each Being. To compliment this soul journey, I became a certified holistic nutritionist, natural food chef, and detox expert. I guide clients to nourish them selves by creating an intuitive internal dialog with food. I joke that “Scales are for fish, not humans” and I don’t count calories or pounds, but I see real change happening, one conscious bite at a time.

“Your relationship with food is a metaphor for Life, how you nurture yourself is a window to your Soul.” ~ Elli


Erik Hjermstad
Sustainable Living Program

My name is Erik Hjermstad, and I am a Gardener, Permaculture Designer, and lifelong resident of North County San Diego. A health crisis in my teens has encouraged a life path of deep exploration of what it means to be healthy, and how we may best achieve health in our lives. I have discovered that the connection with nature and the abundance of our garden are our true sources of health and happiness. I have now dedicated my life to designing and developing healthy garden ecosystems, from the backyard scale to farm scale and beyond. I am grateful to invest my time and energy into this ultimately important task, and grateful for the many community collaborations in support of this work.


Anne Masri
Nutritionist / Chef

My name is Anne Masri and I am a certified nutritionist with the American Naturpathic Medical Board. I am also a certified CHEF Coach with the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard Medical School and graduated from Cornell University’s Whole Food Plant Based program.

Over 20 years ago I became so ill I believed I was going to die. Emaciated and unable to tolerate food, I saw every traditional doctor in NYC, to no avail. Despite extensive testing no one could find anything wrong. Desperate and exacerbated I agreed to meet with an Ayurvedic medicine doctor, which was quite foreign to me at the time. He prescribed a complete diet change. After over a year of suffering, in 3 short weeks, I began to regain my health, just by changing what I ate. A newfound reverence for the power of food began.

Today, I am the founder of MediChefs. We are a company of highly skilled chefs trained to use disease specific nutritional therapy and food as medicine to prevent and reverse chronic disease. At Villa Kali Ma I share my knowledge and skills to help each woman learn that they too have the power to heal themselves.

"I don't believe it to be an exaggeration to say that Villa Kali Ma saved my life. I couldn't have asked for a better environment to heal and redirect onto a path towards true living."

Kristen B.

"This place completely changed my life. I needed a drastic change from the typical recovery environment in order to stay sober long term. Villa Kali Ma was more than able to provide a safe healing environment for me to cultivate a strong spiritual connection through yoga, meditation, and an organic lifestyle. I can honestly say that I love who I am today and I am forever grateful for Villa Kali Ma!"

Cynthia B.

"I am so grateful I found Villa Kali Ma, it has truly changed my life. Kay is awesome and the entire team who works there is absolutely amazing. I was introduced to many different types of therapy, healing and recovery options. I was able to choose what works for me and continue them outside of treatment once I went home. VKM is truly a tranquil place to start healing. If you are looking for treatment I would highly recommend making this the start to your recovery."

Suzie H.

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